• ITRT's Vision

    As the SHS ITRT, my vision is to empower and inspire staff as learners with purposeful technology implementation in a welcoming, positive environment that supports Virginia’s 5 C’s (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, digital citizenship, and creation with problem-solving and innovation) to prepare future-ready graduates.

    ITRT's Mission

    As the SHS ITRT, my mission is to serve as a facilitator, coach, and advocate for staff that supports personalized professional learning in conjunction with seamless technology integration, collaboration, content development, effective modeling of instructional strategies, digital citizenship preparation, data analysis for differentiation in planning for powerful instruction, and resource and trend expert for a pathway to excellence in education.

    Tech Department's Combined Vision (with CT)
    The SHS ITRT and SHS CT will work as a cohesive Tech Department team to support SCPS's Learn, Explore, Apply & Practice (LEAP) initiative to implement purposeful technology in order to engage and provide innovative technology instruction for staff and students.
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Last Modified on August 3, 2020