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    What will change on your child’s school bus because of COVID-19

    When students return to in-person lessons, they should not board the school bus if they have a fever or have symptoms of COVID-19.  Students will be required to arrive at the bus stop wearing face coverings and to wear the face coverings while loading, riding and unloading the school bus.  The face coverings may not be removed to eat or drink on the bus (unless in extreme heat). Drivers and attendants are required to wear face coverings and face shields during loading and unloading of students. Drivers may remove the face shield when the bus is in motion. Because of the need for assigned seating to allow contact tracing, families will be limited to one pickup location in the morning and one drop-off location in the afternoon (no alternate bus assignments can be honored). Some windows and roof hatches will remain open on the bus to facilitate good airflow. Drivers will clean and sanitize seats and high touch areas after every route and at the end of the day. In addition, buses will be disinfected by Fleet Services Technicians, following a disinfection schedule.

    Safety has and will continue to be our top priority and will guide all decisions we make. We closely follow official regulations and guidelines.  

    Your continued support, patience and understanding is very appreciated as we continue to navigate this pandemic together.