• Homebound and home-based instructional services may be available as a temporary service for Stafford County Public Schools' students who are unable to attend school because of medical, disciplinary, or other reasons.  When a student is identified by a parent or guardian or a member of the school staff as missing an excessive number of school days due to a medical condition, the counselor and/or school homebound coordinator should be notified immediately. If the student is eligible for special education or 504 services, the special education department chair, special education designee, or 504 coordinators should also be notified. These individuals work with the family to determine if a referral requesting homebound instructional services is appropriate and, if so, help those involved complete the referral.  All homebound referrals should be obtained following a meeting with the school counselor and/or administration. Additional information may be provided by contacting the Office of Homebound Services at scpshomeboundservices@staffordschools.net or 540-658-6500.


      • Determining the eligibility for homebound instructional services is a collaborative decision between the treating health care provider, parent/guardian, and school personnel. Prior to requesting homebound services, the parent/guardian should explore options for school-based instruction with school personnel. If homebound services are needed, approval of services is based upon a completed medical certification of need.  Please schedule a meeting at your child's school BEFORE contacting the homebound office or making a request at a medical facility.


      • Home-based instruction is a collaborative decision that occurs when the student’s individualized education program (IEP) team determines the placement and defines the services to be provided.  The goal of home-based instruction is to keep the student current with classroom instruction until the student is allowed to return to a classroom setting. Home-based instruction is not intended to replace school services and is, by design, temporary.  It is not a remediation program and is not designed to provide students with time to make up previously missed assignments.  The goal of home-based instruction is to keep the student as current as possible with classroom instruction. 







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