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  • Welcome to the CFHS Black Student Union!


    Who are we? 

    • First and foremost, we are a community learning and growing together, doing our best to understand others and build a better future.
    • We are a group of students here at Forge that want to fight for Justice and Unity with a special focus on educating and empowering Black culture and History!


    Why are we here?

    • We’re making a safe space for Colonial Forge students to discuss topics that are often left behind in the day-to-day curriculum while also celebrating the beauty of Black culture here in America
    • We want to uplift students who are facing discrimination and injustices and provide a community where they can be heard and supported.


    The goals of our BSU is to:

    1. To increase awareness and appreciation for African American/Black issues, history and culture among the student body at Colonial Forge High School.
    2. To create a clearer identity and opportunities for involvement in life at school for our students, while providing a support system for students both academically and socially.
    3. Break down negative stereotypes attached to the black community, through the promotion of a positive image of African American/Black culture.


    When do we meet?

    • For now, due to Covid-19, we will be meeting virtually on Google meet every other Monday at 3:15! (Check the calendar below for any changes :) 
    • We will send the access link through email 


    Join Us!!