• Contact the Driver's Education Staff

    Julie Spinelli
    Driver Education Coordinator
    Email: spinellije@staffordschools.net

    Nate Medic
    Driver Education Coordinator
    Email: medicnt@staffordschools.net

    Laurie Phalen
    Behind the Wheel Instructor
    Email: phalenli@staffordschools.net

    Below, you will find information on:

    1. Steps to getting your driver's license
    2. Classroom Driver Education (including obtaining your classroom completion card for behind the wheel).
    3. Behind the Wheel
    4. Parent Teen Driver Meeting
    5. How to get your PDL from school (this only applies to you IF you took/passed BTW through SCPS and are eligible)

  • Steps to Getting your Driver’s Licenses

    Here are the 8 steps to getting your driver’s licenses.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s driver education teacher or Ms. Phalen, our behind the wheel instructor. 

    1. Get your permit (earliest is 15 and 6 months) at the DMV.  Remember- you have to pass with a 100% on the Roads Signs Test and at least an 80% on the General Knowledge exam. 
    2. Take and pass classroom driver education.  This means a passing grade AND meeting all 36 hours of driver education classroom instruction.
    3. Attend the Parent Teen Driver Meeting- It is a requirement for student and parent/guardian to attend our Parent Teen Driver Meeting prior to starting behind the wheel.  The meeting is now a virtual course and can be found on our Canvas page.  The link to the course can also be found on Colonial Forge main website.  This does not have to be done right away; just before students take behind the wheel.  The link to the virtual meeting is below.
      Steps 1-3 can be completed in any order but all 3 steps must be completed before moving on to step 4.
    4. Take and pass behind the wheel- Behind the wheel is a road skills course for students under 18 years old.  Students must take/pass behind the wheel in order to receive their drivers licenses. In order to be eligible for Behind the Wheel, students must have a valid Virginia's learners permit, passed classroom driver education, and attended the Parent-Teen Driver Meeting.  A CFHS behind the wheel interest form is on our canvas page.  
    5. Complete 45 hours of driving (15 at night).
    6. Hold permit for 9 months.
      Steps 4-6 can be completed in any order but must be completed before the provisional driver license is issued.
    7. Provisional driver license is issued from the company you did behind the wheel with.  This license is a piece of paper and along with your permit will act as your drivers licenses.  It's good for 180 days.  You will receive a court date in the mail to get your hard copy license.
    8. You will receive your hard copy licenses from the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court at the Stafford Courthouse.

    Classroom Driver Education

    Classroom driver education is a requirement for students under the age of 18.  The classroom instruction will be given during the student's PE class of their 10th grade year.  Students must be present for all 36 periods of classroom instruction AND pass the class in order to be eligible to take behind the wheel.  Behind the wheel instruction is offered during school hours if certain age and licensing requirements are met.

    Classroom completion cards are kept in the front office at school.  If you need your classroom completion card to start behind the wheel, please email your driver education teacher or our behind the wheel instructor, Ms. Phalen.

    Behind the Wheel

    If you are interested in taking behind the wheel at Colonial Forge High school, please fill out the following form.  You will be contacted based upon availability and scheduling.  In order to be eligible for Behind the Wheel, students must have a valid Virginia's learners permit, passed classroom driver education, and attended the Parent-Teen Driver Meeting.  Students can only take Behind the Wheel before school, during a free class period (such as a study hall or office aid), or during their P.E./Elective P.E. class.  The fee for Behind the Wheel is $225.00.  Filling out the interest form does not guarantee you will be able to take behind the wheel this current school year.

    Additional paperwork and instructions will be emailed once your child has been scheduled. If you have questions or concerns regarding the process, please reach out to:

    Link to interest form- Behind the Wheel Interest Form

    The Parent-Teen Driver Meeting

    The Parent-Teen Driver Meeting is now a virtual Canvas course.  To access the Partners for Safe Teen Drivers meeting, click on the link below.  The student will need to register for the course using their school email.  Once registered, the course will show up on their Canvas dashboard.  The student will need to select "login" at the top right of the page in order to have access to all course content and quizzes.  At the end of the course, students will be prompted to fill out a google form for attendance.  Students will also be emailed a certificate of completion to their school email (check your spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox).  If you have any questions, please contact your buildings driver education coordinator or behind the wheel instructors. 



    How to get your PDL

    (this only applies to you IF you took/passed BTW through SCPS and are eligible)

    Have you passed the final road test for Behind the Wheel?  Are you eligible to pick up your Provisional Driver’s License (PDL)?  Appointments can be scheduled.  See below for dates/times.

    Time: 7:30am-9:00am on 

    • September 15th, 22nd
    • October 6th
      November 10th
    • December 1st and 8th

    Time: 3:30pm-4:00pm

    • November 3rd, 17th
    • December 15th

    Please email Mrs. Phalen to schedule an appointment at phalenli@staffordschools.net