• AP Capstone Testimonials...#APCapstoneRocks!!!!!

    What college students are saying...

    • AP Capstone really is your chance to get early-on exposure to research, which is going to be expected of you in college. Not only that, but having previous research experience is a huge bonus on college applications and also makes you stand out when talking to your professors in college, because in almost every field of study, your professors are either going to know someone who is doing research and needs undergrad research assistance, or they’re going to be that someone looking for undergrad research assistance to help them in their research. What you learn through the AP Capstone program...is going to follow you through your academic career. -Chanel, VCU Honors College, 2023
    • AP Capstone helped increase my writing skills and my research skills. I learned how to write on a much higher academic and professional level, and this is very helpful when writing papers for college classes. Also, AP Capstone taught me how to use scholarly articles as evidence in papers. Both of these skills are very important to doing well in college classes, and AP Capstone really developed those skills. -Reagan, CNU, 2024

    • What’s great about Capstone (specifically Research), is that you get to pick what topic you want to work on...As a current engineering student, the specific content I studied and worked on in those classes don’t directly relate to my current studies. However, the most important and valuable outcome I learned from these classes was not necessarily knowledge, but skills. These are skills that I use daily and allow me to succeed in a college environment. This program taught me the importance of sticking to a specific plan/timeline...In the case of Capstone and large college projects (which come nearly weekly for me), it is absolutely vital to divide your project into smaller tasks and conquer each one individually. It was a learning process during Capstone, but I definitely left the class with the ability to manage my time and approach large projects better. I also learned a great deal of public speaking and presentation skills which have been very applicable to my studies. Overall, this class is definitely one of the more unique classes you can take in high school and has taught me a lot! -Yussef, Virginia Tech, 2023

    • Capstone prepared me to create something from my own research and argue for it, and this came in handy this semester in systems classes because we had to create a system from our own information.  Capstone taught me how to research and work with group members during projects for the entire group's benefit. With my project group, we had no hiccups at all for the entire semester and we worked together so well, one would have thought we had knonwn each other already. -Johnathan, GMU, 2023

    • Participating in the AP Capstone program prepared me for research in college by teaching me how to look for and analyze scholarly sources. The program also introduced me to inquiry writing, which was actually the topic of focus for my first writing class at UVA! -Cristina, UVA, 2024


    • AP Capstone has taught me how to research! I am able to find around 30 sources in an hour because I learned how to search keywords to find exactly what I needed. I also learned how to put said research into a paper to back my argument up firmly. This skill has helped me in several general education courses with writing across the curriculum assignments...With these assignments came research, and I was able to finish them quickly and productively because I knew exactly what keywords to search to find what I was looking for.  -Lailah, Hampton University, 2024

    What high school students are saying... 

    • “The AP Capstone Program has taught me to critically think, synthesize, and analyze real world problems in order to devise a solution. The course has allowed me to hone techniques such as public speaking, research skills, scholarly writing, and rhetoric. . .Every student should have an opportunity to take this unique course as its benefits are endless and prepares them for life after high school.” -Lauren
    • “...the class made me realize what career path I am planning to take, by doing my project on the restoration of the ocean, I found out that that is what I want to do with my life.” -Joseph
    • “The experience I have acquired through this program has placed me, and my AP Capstone peers, at a higher skill level of research and writing than those outside of the program. We are much more prepared to tackle the challenges imminent in college and emerge knowledgeable, successful, and resilient.” -Catherine
    • “Now that I have reached the culmination of this program, I can honestly say that I have not only become a better writer but also a better researcher and a better student. . . Overall, I know that I am extremely prepared for college research and will be lengths ahead of my peers.” -Alex
    • “This program taught me the importance of managing my time, being able to work with people of distinct personalities, and learning to adapt to change.” -Rochelle
    • “I gained a better understanding of where my strengths are and where my weakness are in both writing and presenting, helping me to become a more well rounded student and researcher.” -AJ
    • “Because of AP Capstone, I not only know what a real research paper is, but I have confidence handling college expectations going into the next year.  I would definitely recommend AP Capstone to anyone who wants to excell after high school and to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.” -Mady