• Is there an application for the AP Capstone Diploma Program?

    • No.  You only need to sign up for the classes (AP Seminar and AP Research).

    When can I begin taking the Capstone classes?

    • You may begin sophomore or junior year, with AP Seminar as one of your electives.

    I'm in CGS/STAT.  Can I take AP Capstone?

    • Yes.  AP Capstone classes are actually perfect electives to take with many of the specialized programs offered by SCPS.

    Do I need to take AP Seminar before AP Research?

    • Yes.  AP Seminar is a prerequisite for AP Research.

    Are there other classes I need to take for the the AP Capstone Diploma Program?

    • Yes.  Besides AP Seminar and AP Research, you need to take four other AP classes of your choice at any time during high school.  If you want to earn the certificate, you only need to take Seminar and Research.  Capstone offers you flexibility in class choice so you can both challenge yourself and work to your strengths!

    How will AP Capstone help when I apply to college?

    • Like IB, AP Capstone is an internationally recognized diploma program. Colleges often look at rigor of coursework when you apply, so taking rigorous, college-level classes while in high school can help you stand out in the admissions process.