• Rising 8th graders (current 7th graders) will pick 10 choices ( with #1 being your first choice). Students will bring these numbered choices with them to English class on April 13th and 14th and enter them into the database during class that day


    9230 Beginning Band-Year Long Class

    9229 Advanced Band-Year Long Class

    9269 Beginning Chorus-Year Long Class

    9271 Advanced Chorus-Year Long Class

    9235 Beginning Orchestra-Year Long Class

    9241 Advanced Orchestra-Year Long Class

    9249 Introduction to Guitar-Semester Class

    9228 World Music-Semester Class

    1395 Eighth Grade Theatre Arts(Drama)-Semester Class

    9115 Eighth Grade Art-Semester Class

    9180 Beginning Digital Art-Semester Class

    9181 Intermediate Digital Art-Semester Class

    6150 Business Communications and Keyboarding-Semester Class

    6617 Digital Applications-Semester Class

    4002 Computer Science Discoveries-Semester Class

    8263 Designing with Foods, Fashion, and Family-Semester Class

    8244 Journey Towards Independence-Semester Class

    8402 STEM Innovation Lab-Semester Class

    8464 Explore Engineering-Semester Class

    8463-Engineering and Design-Semester Class

    4000 Innovation Studio-Semester Class

    3117 Mathematics Performance Lab-Semester Class

    1399 Public Speaking and Debate-Semester Class

    1166 Exploring Literary Styles-Semester Class

    1172 Creative Writing-Semester Class

    9092/9091 Change Makers Building Leaders-Semester Class

    5510B Spanish 1-B (Successful completion of Spanish 1A required with an A or B in 7th grade-Year Long Class

    5510 Spanish I-Year Long Class

    5110 French I-Year Long Class

    5210 German I-Year Long Class

    5310 Latin I-Year Long Class