Canvas at AGW

  • Canvas is the LMS, or Learning Management System, that Stafford County Public Schools adopted for use in classroom and remote learning at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.  This system allows teachers to post learning content on a secure system that students can access either in the classroom or from anywhere with an internet connection.  This allows the teaching staff to have great flexibility in how to present class content.  This also permits students to submit their completed assignments for evaluation, commentary, and grading. 

    • The Parent Observer link listed on the left navigation bar will allow you to learn more about the system and how to add yourself, as a parent, to your students account as an observer.  This will let you help monitor your student's learning and progress in each class.
    • The Canvas 101 link will allow you to take a basic course in how Canvas works.  This is geared for students, but should be able to be accessed by parents.

    Thank you for your interest in your student's continued success.