Focus Art services is the SCPS program for students in grades 6-8 that are identified as gifted in the Visual Arts.  Students participate in small group activities which correspond to their higher skills, creativity, and interest levels.

    • Focus Art services are provided through multiple avenues for students at the secondary level including differentiation through the art curriculum, after school seminars, community events and field experiences.
    • The curriculum expands the grade level art objectives to include broader concept development, aesthetic awareness, a wider range of techniques and materials, and higher-level thinking skills.

    It should be noted that Focus Art is not meant to take the place of regular instruction in art; rather it provides supplemental enrichment.

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    Stephenie L. Fellinger, Ed.D.
    Facilitator of K-12 Gifted Education and Secondary Programs 
    (540) 658-6689

    Tyler Clarke
    Middle School Focus Art Resource Teacher
    (540) 373-0383

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