Employee Referral Program

Employee Referral Program

  • Goal

    The employee referral program is a way for SCPS to recruit talented teachers, and to encourage and reward our existing employees for serving as ambassadors for SCPS and actively supporting our recruitment efforts. 

    Employee Referral Process

    Any eligible employee* who refers a candidate to SCPS, and the candidate is subsequently hired into any open licensed position**, will receive a referral stipend of up to $750 per qualified candidate. 

    Eligibility for Current Employees and Referred Candidates

    Eligibility for the Employee Referral Program*

    All active full time or part time employees, whether licensed or service, are eligible except for the following exemptions:

    • Temporary employees, including substitute employees and hourly employees.
    • Employees contracted through an outside agency to work in our schools.
    • Any employee whose job duties include aspects of recruitment. This includes but is not limited to Principals, Assistant Principals, Coordinators, Directors, Human Resources Staff, or any person who will directly or indirectly oversee the incoming employee
    • Board Members

    Qualified Candidates for Referral Stipend**

    • All teacher candidates who are licensed or eligible for licensure prior to the start date for the role indicated.
    • Candidates who are licensed or eligible for licensure in the following roles:
      • School Social Workers
      • Psychologists
      • Occupational Therapists
      • Speech Language Pathologists
      • Nurses

    Not Qualified Candidates for Referral Stipend

    • Current or former SCPS employees
    • Current or former SCPS Student Teachers or Practicum Students
    • Candidates who are already engaged in the application or hiring process or who have applied for another position with SCPS within the past year
    • Candidates who are currently employed by an outside agency and working in SCPS schools.
    • Verbal referrals. Only referrals submitted through the Employee Referral form will be considered.

    Submitting a Referral

    • Employees must submit their referral by completing this form (also listed under Staff Documents): Employee Referral Form
    • The candidate needs to list the employee as the referring source in their application. 

    *Please note: If either of these steps are not completed the employee will not qualify for the stipend*

    Payment of Referral Stipend

    • This stipend will be paid out as follows: 
      • One payment of $250.00 will be paid out via direct deposit after the employee’s first contracted day. 
      • A second and final payment of $500.00 will be paid out via direct deposit after the employee signs a contract for the following school year. The candidate must also work for 30 days within that school year for the employee to receive their second qualified payment. 
        • If the candidate does not sign a contract for the school year following the referral the second payment is null and void. 
        • The referred employee must be in good standing upon the signing of this contract to remain a qualified referral. 
    • The stipends will be paid out during one of two pay periods. 
      • All referrals that qualify between January 11 and September 10 will be paid on October 1.  
      • All referrals that qualify between September 11 and January 10 will be paid on February 1.

    Other Terms and Agreements

    • A referral must be hired as a regular, full-time employee
      • If a referral is made that results in the hire of a part-time employee, the employee must move into a full-time position within one year of the referral date to be considered a qualified referral.
    • The referring employee must be employed with SCPS at the time the stipend would be paid. 
      • If either the referring or referred employee is under notice of termination (whether given by the employer or employee) at the time of the payment is due to be paid, SCPS reserves the right to retract payment of the referral incentive. 
    • Referral stipends are gross amounts and are subject to all legally required payroll deductions
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