• 8th Grade Parent Meeting 

    Drew Middle School 



    Helpful Links as you begin planning for the transition to high school.

    School Counselor Contact Information 


    Shannon Patterson - Last Names A-F 

    email: pattersonsm@staffordschools.net


    Jennifer Kurucz - Last Names G-N 

    Email: kuruczjr@staffordschools.net 


    Nikki Irizarry - Counseling Director and Last Names O-Z

    Email: irizarryns@staffordschools.net 

    FAQs with answers submitted by parents during the meeting 11/17/2021 

    Will we be able to see the course selections for high school before the kids meet with their counselors?

    Course details and descriptions are available on the Stafford County website. For more specific details, contact your student’s counselor. 

    If a student is currently completing Spanish and geometry, do those courses count as part of the 4 necessary for each subject in high school? More simply put, would they only have to take 3 more years of language and math or have to take 4 more on top of this? 

    Yes, each high school credit earned works towards meeting graduation requirements for both standard or advanced diplomas. So if a student has taken a world language in middle school, they only need 4 more for an advanced diploma. The same is true for math. If they have earned two math credits, they will only need 2 more for the advanced diploma. However, continuing with Math for all 4 years of high school is highly encouraged to ensure competitiveness on college applications and preparedness for further education.