1. Students Not Returning.  (Senior turn in will begin 5/8/23.  All other students will turn will begin on 5/15/23.) The following items will need to be professionally dry-cleaned and returned with an attached receipt of cleaning:  1) Airman Battle Uniform/(Operational Camouflage Pattern) Fleece, Jacket (Top), and Pants.  2) Lightweight Blue Jacket, Service Dress Coat, Blue Pants, Blue Shirt (s), and tie/tab.  The ABU/OCP boots must also be returned. Students may keep fitness gear, t-shirts, socks, dress shoes, hats, and other items not specifically mentioned.  

    2. Students Returning but Items do not fit.  Have the items that do not fit professionally dry-cleaned.  Bring them along with the receipt of cleaning before the last day of school.  We will attempt to replace those items before the end of the school year. 

    3. Students Returning and everything fits.  Keep the uniform over the summer.  Place everything in one location.  

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    8/08/2023 Transition Day 
    9/11/2023 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony***ALL CADETS REQUIRED***  
    11/10/2023 Veteran's Day Ceremony ***ALL CADETS REQUIRED***   
    11/2023 Fall Awards & Promotion Ceremony (FALLPRAW) ***ALL CADETS REQUIRED***   
    12/02/2023 Fredericksburg, VA Christmas Parade **Cadets are highly encouraged to volunteer**