• The overall goal of school counseling program of the Stafford County Public Schools is to help young people develop to their maximum potential and to enhance their lives, for their future is our future.  The counseling program is preventative in its focus and is based upon the developmental stages of students in grade K-12.  Because student needs vary at different age levels, the areas of emphasis will vary accordingly.  The program builds a foundation for learning in the following areas:


     Academic and Educational:

    *orientation/transition to the educational environment;

    *pursuit of planned and balanced academic program consistent with abilities, interests and educational needs;

    *resolution of problems which interfere with learning;

    *awareness of academic abilities, strengths, needs and interests;

    *awareness of curricular alternatives, graduation requirements, and career goals;

    *awareness of academic and career opportunities after high school



    *awareness of, and knowledge about, the world of work and career;

    *acquisition of information about educational and vocational/training opportunities with and beyond high school;

    *use of knowledge of self as it relates to career planning: establishment of tentative career objectives;

    *preparation for future education and employment.



    *development of increased self-understanding;

    *establishment of positive relationships through effective communication skills;

    *acquisition of problem-solving/decision-making and coping skills;

    *encouragement of self-directive and responsible behavior;

    *understanding the need for positive attitudes toward school, learning, community, and society.