Grades 10-12 1 Credit

    Students submit a proposal to participate in a year-long work-based learning experience that will afford them high quality work experience and a high school elective credit. Under the supervision of a designated Work-Based Learning coordinator, the student will be enrolled by the school counselor and connected with a teacher of record at their high school.  Students are  required to document  work hours and keep a journal of all work, research, and activities related to the work-based learning experience, including learning objectives, a description of activities undertaken, the advantages and disadvantages of the career(s) explored, personal characteristics, habits, and attitudes that are desirable for success in the field, and a self-evaluation of the student’s suitability for the field chosen.

    The independent study will culminate with  a capstone, an oral presentation to share key reflections on the experience. Students must participate in a work-based learning experience of at least a 280-hour duration to earn 1 credit and provide their own transportation to the workplace.

    Assessment is on a pass/fail basis.

    If you would like to know more about enrolling in this course, please see your  High School Counselor.