High School #6

  • high school 6

    School Site: Stafford County Tax Map Parcel ID 36-37

    Opening Date: Slated for August 2026

    Background: High School 6 (HS#6) is planned to house up to 2,150 students and serve grades 9 through 12. This 290,000+ square foot building will be designed and constructed utilizing the most current Stafford County Public Schools high school education specifications and in accordance with updated Facility Design Standards.   

    Location:  At its January 14, 2020, Annual Organization Meeting, the School Board approved to designate the Southwest quadrant of the County as the general location for the High School #6 land acquisition search. A land acquisition team made up of County and Stafford Schools staff considered sites in the southwest quadrant of the County to locate the school. After considering all potential sites, the team recommended an 83.4 Acre portion of Tax Map Parcel 36-37 for use.  After review by the Stafford County Planning Commission, the site was approved for use and the School Board obtained the property to begin design efforts.

    Estimated Budget: The School Board's FY2023-32 Capital Improvement Plan estimates the construction costs for HS#6 to be $165,112,000 .  Subsequent cost estimates have indicated likely cost increases due to inflation and supply chain pressures, increasing building opening cost estimates to $183,100,000.

    Analysis of Need: As Stafford County continues to grow in population, building this new high school will decrease overcrowding and also significantly improve quality of life and community development opportunities. The guidance on the opening year for a new high school in the CIP is when the aggregate high school enrollment projections are at 100% of the aggregate high school design capacity. Projections suggest that high school enrollment will exceed 100% of aggregate high school design capacity in Fall 2023. 

    Planning Process:  


    Comprehensive Plan Compliance Review:

    • HS#6 Comprehensive Plan Compliance Review (Presentation)
    • Stafford Schools Presentation to the County Planning Commission (Presentation