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    SOL Retakes:  

    SOL Retakes are for students who passed the class, but did not take (or pass) the SOL test.  This is an opportunity for a student to get their verified credit for a class they have already completed, because it may be a class from a different semester.  We are offering remediation classes to help students to access the material again.  Letters went out to parents and student emails at the end of last week (2/3) and the remediation programs have started this week. You can find the Remediation Schedule for ALL classes on this link:   Remediation Schedule  .   If the student chooses not to take an SOL from a previous class, that is fine-they are able to focus on their current classes and be successful in all upcoming assessments.  This is simply an opportunity to take an assessment that was missed or the student did not do as well.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your counselor or the MVHS testing coordinator, Mike Arnold.

    ***** The SOL Retake Schedule along with the SOL First Take Schedule are currently being worked on and will be published as soon as possible!