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    SOL Retakes (Summer Window 8/8-9/8):  

    SOL Retakes are for students who passed the class, but did not take (or pass) the SOL test.  This is an opportunity for a student to get their verified credit for a class they have already completed, because it may be a class from a different semester.  We are offering remediation classes to help students to access the material again.  As the school year starts, it is currently a good opportunity for students to complete a test they need for verified credit.  At the beginning of the year, we focus on our seniors who need one or multiple credits, so that there is less to worry about as their senior year begins.  It is also a great time for transfer students, who need to meet Virginia requirements for graduation.  In order to get some practice, students are asked to reach out to their former teachers, during our lunch and learn period, they can receive some remediation.  Students can also practice with released SOL questions on SOLPass.org and the VDOE website: Released SOL Questions