• Flex Lunch- Student Rotating Schedule

    Basic Overview

    If it is an X day, students will go to X. If it is a Y day, students will go to Y. 

    • Monday: Homeroom
    • Tuesday: 1st Block Class
    • Wednesday: 2nd Block Class
    • Thursday: 3rd Block Class
    • Friday: 4th Block Class


    When students access StudentVUE and then choose Class Schedule, they will see three views: Today, Semester 1, and Semester 2. By clicking “Today,” students will be able to easily see what Lunch Block they will go to that day.

    The full Student Schedule will soon display “duplicate” courses that will represent the flexing rotations that the students participate in during lunch. Looking at the image, periods “6-13” are the flexing lunch blocks (these should mirror your regular courses.) The key to understanding the schedule is to focus on the second half of the “Section ID” for those “flexing” courses. Student will look and see what day lunch hour it is assigned for and then check if it is an X day or Y day. For example, if it is a X day Tuesday, the student will go to the class that has the code “TLH” and is an X day class.

    Every Monday, students will go to Homeroom. All other days in the week, students will do the rotation.

    If you have any questions about your student’s schedule, please contact conleysm@staffordschools.net