Meet the Teacher

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    Mrs. Kathy Strickler, M.ED

    I Love Teaching. I can't say when I decided this because  I have always wanted to be a teacher. I graduated from Bridgewater College, in Bridgewater Va. with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences/Secondary Education. I was off to save the World. I was going to help everyone become better at taking care of themselves, their families, and making the world a better place to live. Then reality hit and I needed a JOB. I went to work in a bank. I learned many jobs, and handled a lot of other peoples money, but I really liked the community outreach where I was teaching  people learn to manage their finances. I did this for 10 years and then decided that the adults of this world were horrible at balancing checkbooks, controlling their spending and saving, understanding financial plans like buying a car or house, and balancing work and family so that they were not always stressed...... So I decided it was time to go find a teaching position and start with teenagers to get them ready before they got out on their own.

    I fell in LOVE with the Early Childhood side of our program and earned my Masters in Teaching & Learning Early Childhood Education. I also trained in the Montessori method of teaching and certified for PreK- Kindergarten. I have been active in the VaAEYC, serving on the state board as well as educational rep for the conference committee for many years now.