• Our Drew Middle School Yearbook is designed and created by OUR STUDENTS for our students and our community!

    In our 2022-2023 "Rampages" yearbook, we included more students, more quotes, and more photos than ever before. 

    We are looking to make our 2023-2024 book even better!


    Being a yearbook staff member requires dedication and teamwork. Do you think you have what it takes? Check out the timeline below.

    May-June: Yearbook Staff Application is sent out via email to all students and posted here on our website

    July: Senior staff selected and name list submitted to the administration for scheduling (RAMTIME)

    *There is no guarantee that all students who apply will be enrolled. There are space limitations and yearbook particatipation comes secondary to the academic needs of the student.*

    August: Junior staff interest form made available here on our website. Everyone is welcome!

    Junior staff will primarily meet before school from 8:15-9:15 on select Mondays. There will also be occasional RamTime and after-school meetings. Students who express interested will be contacted via their school email once meetings dates have been established.


    Click here to download our Yearbook Club Permission Form