• Mustangs Read!

    Mustangs Read is offered to our 6th graders to encourage reading for enjoyment. Students are given a list of books to read throughout the school year; this can be anywhere from 10-15 books. Students who participate in Mustangs Read can be eligible to earn a reward for reading at least 5 books from the list. 

    How To Get Credit for Reading Books

    After reading any of the Mustang Read titles, the student must come to the library to discuss the book with Mrs. Fleetwood. The discussion is not a test, just a conversation about the book with Mrs. Fleetwood about characters the student liked, the favorite part of the book, the least favorite book, etc. Mrs. Fleetwood will keep track of the students and what books they have discussed. 


    Students who read and discuss 5 books with Mrs. Fleetwood will earn an invitation to an Ice Cream Party and get to vote on their favorite book! If you read all 10 books you will receive a special reward! 

    Mustangs Read Book List 2023-2024

    All He Knew by Helen Frost
    City Spies
    by James Ponti
    Coop Knows the Scoop
    by Taryn Sounders
    Flight of the Puffin
    by Ann Braden
    Race to the Bottom of the Earth
    by Rebecca E.F. Barrone
    Star Child: A Biographical Constellation of Octavia Estelle Butler
    by Ibi Zoboi
    The Last Cuentista
    by Donna Barba Higuera
    The Magical Imperfect
    by Chris Baron
    The Mysterious Disappearance of Aidan S.
    by David Levithan
    What Comes Next
    by Rob Buyea