• Mission Statement

    Pride Club achieves to support and provide a network for LGBTQ+ students and allies here at Stafford High School.



    -Pride Club was founded to create a community for the LGBTQ+ people at Stafford Senior High School! A registered chapter of GSA, this club is welcome to anyone who wishes to participate or learn about the LGBTQ+! Whether you're straight, gay, or something in between you will always have a safe place here.

    -Our main goal is to create a community and support network for any and all students, no matter if you're gay or not. Our mission is acceptance and inclusion of all people, regardless of the boxes we chose to check off in the list of life.

    -We aspire to make everyone feel welcome regardless of their backgrounds, because everyone deserves to be seen.


    -Our members mainly consist of people within the queer community, but we also have straight allies that come!

    -There is no prior experience needed and we rarely require you to do work for this club. 

    -Mainly, this club is for people to find a community here at SHS. 

    Mail List

    For those who wish to receive email updates because they cannot join our other reminder groups, please fill out this form to join our mailing list!


    Meeting Schedule

    -We meet every Monday during the A (first 30 minutes) period of our hour-lunch block!

    -For those with lunch during that time, feel free to eat during the meeting, those who do not are still welcome.

    -We will use a pass system so that you will be able to get into the art room during this time, if you need one/lost yours, please correspond with Mrs. Edwards (B131, or edwardsba@staffordschools.net).

Last Modified on September 7, 2023