Student Parking Permit Application Information

  • Applications for student parking permits may be obtained in the AP Office located on the third floor (with Ms. Vasquez).  Parking permit applications must be completely filled out, including a parent/guardian signature.  Parking permits are $75.00 per permit until the end of the fall semester, when the price will be reduced to $40.00. This price is established by our school division. When purchasing a permit, a valid driver’s license and current vehicle registration are required.  Students who have outstanding debts or who have not paid their class dues will not be allowed to purchase a parking permit.  The student parking permit may be paid by cash, check, or money order.  Checks should be made out to Brooke Point High School and should include a valid phone number and address.

    Students who become eligible to drive after the first two weeks of school must purchase a permit before driving to school.  Those students driving to school within the first two weeks of school will be given a grace period to purchase their parking permit.  The grace period will not be honored after the first two weeks of school.

    No student may go to the parking lot during the school day, including lunch shifts, unless permitted by an administrator or security officer. 

    Excessive parking violations or tardiness to school will result in loss of the student’s parking permit for the remainder of the term.  More than 10 tardies per term is considered excessive.