About Start on Success

  • The Start on Success (SOS) program offers a structured pathway from high school to the workforce, specifically designed for juniors and seniors with an IEP seeking standard or advanced diplomas. 

    In the first semester, SOS students engage in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) course focused on career readiness, followed by a second semester dedicated to a paid internship at a local business.

    This initiative thrives on collaboration, uniting the school division, families, community agencies, and local businesses in a strategic partnership.

    To participate, students undergo a thorough application process, including interviews and selection.

    During their internship, students spend three hours a day, five days a week, for up to 16 weeks, working alongside a business mentor at minimum wage.

    Through this program, students not only acquire career readiness skills but also foster self-advocacy and self-determination in a real-world setting, laying a strong foundation for their future success.