• Miss Anne E. Moncure

    Miss Anne E. Moncure


    Career in Education

    Miss Anne E. Moncure’s teaching career began in Alexandria in 1917.  At that time, she taught approximately 125 first graders.  Working south towards Stafford County, Miss Moncure later taught Kindergarten and primary classes at the U.S. Marine Corps School at Quantico.  In 1931, Miss Moncure completed her move back to Stafford County as a first-grade teacher at Stafford Elementary School (a position she held for three years).  In 1934, Miss Anne E. Moncure accepted the position of Superintendent of Elementary Education; a title she held until her retirement in 1960.  Miss Anne E. Moncure’s highest praise came in 1966 with the dedication of a school in her name. Old Anne E. Moncure ES

    During an interview with The Free Lance-Star, Miss Anne E. said, "It's very grand! It's wonderful," but added, "I think I wouldn't be very much at home there."  She went on to explain that the new school’s air conditioning, carpeting, and gadgets were wonderful, but they were a far cry from the one and two-room schools from the "old days." With the 2019 opening of this building, Miss Anne E. Moncure’s love for books lives on as the heart of this building. What a wonderful tribute to a great woman! 

    New Anne E. Moncure ES

    Thank you, Miss Anne E. Moncure, for your commitment and lasting effects throughout Stafford County. 


    Mobile Library

    Miss Anne E. Moncure developed a name for herself by creating a library when there was none.  She loaded up her large station wagon as a library and provided children in the area with opportunities to read and exchange books from her original “bookmobile.” 

    Anne E. Moncure with Mobile Library 1  Anne E. Moncure with Mobile Library 2

    Interesting Facts about Miss Anne E. Moncure

    • Miss Anne E. Moncure was born with a dislocated hip.
    • In her later years, Miss Anne E. lived alone in her family’s home; a big, white house that stood where Aquia Towne Center was located.

    Anne E. Moncure House

    • Kate Waller Barrett (a leader in the women's suffrage movement, a medical doctor and one of only four women at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles) was the aunt of Miss Anne E. Moncure.
    • Miss Anne E. taught basic living skills in addition to traditional subjects. She taught her students how to make change, how to order from the Sears catalog, and how to use indoor plumbing.
    • Her relative John Moncure, was the first pastor of Aquia Episcopal Church.
    • Miss Anne E. Moncure is famous for caring about her students, believing in them, encouraging them, and helping them become successful adults. She provided many children with what they needed at the time--shoes, toys, a ride to the doctor's office, etc.