• Dr. Benson

    Dear Students, Parents, Community Members, and Colleagues of Stafford County,

    Welcome to Stafford County Public Schools! We are a school division committed to learning, excellence, and service to our community. Our students are at the center of everything we do in Stafford County Public Schools. We want our students to be successful in school; more importantly, we want all of our students to be successful in life, prepared for further education, citizenship, and work. To this end, we encourage our students to make the most of their time with us by immersing themselves in a wide variety of experiences as they build skills, interests, and capabilities.

    Our students have the opportunity to engage in high-quality, innovative, and challenging programs including core academics, college-level coursework, award-winning programs in the visual and performing arts, and industry-certified career and technical education programs. From the classroom to the stage to the athletic field, our students continue to distinguish themselves in a tradition of excellence.

    Stafford County Public Schools is a learning organization, interconnected in our efforts and transformative in our outcomes. We are committed to continuous improvement through both student and adult learning in safe and welcoming environments that encourage citizenship, critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and wellness.

    We value our extended school community and welcome parents, business and community leaders, and local residents as our partners. We believe that good communication and active participation in our schools are two key ingredients to achieving the rigorous and attainable goals set for improving our students’ learning experiences. We welcome and encourage your partnership with our schools.

    We look forward to working with all of you as we continue to build on the community’s commitment to excellence for the children of Stafford County.


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    W. Bruce Benson, Ed.D.