• Moncure Music Program

    With Fall/Autumn upon us an Music Specials Google Meets in "full swing" I am proud of our students for their responsible behavior when we have online music class. I will be incorporating a great new resource, provided by our school division, called Quaver Music. This provides us with a greater selection of online resources for teaching and learning music in a digital environment. 


    Here is a sample of a Quaver Music resource to help learn about sixteenth notes: Click Here to play the Sixteenth Note Samba


    In all grade levels we have been focusing on adjusting to singing, body-percussion (using your body like a drum) and movement with music and how to be comfortable participating while in Google Meet. As we progress I will be asking students to work with their grown-ups (at home) to identify a few objects/things they might be able to use as an improvised percussion instrument (drum type instrument) at home. Home objects that can be fun to use for drumming (with hands or sticks) are boxes, coffee cans, pencil cases, small trash cans, buckets, or even an old book that no one minds if it is used as a drum. 

    I am working on some ideas to create an online music club. If an online music club is created at Moncure, information will be available for students who use music lessons in Canvas.  Any online music club that may be created will be focused on certain grade levels (to be determined) and will not be able to serve all grade levels. More information will be forthcoming by November. I wish all of our students and their loved-ones a pleasant and productive month!