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    Grade 3-5

    Hello Students! This week's featured activity, Turtle Rap (S. Burton) Click Here!

    Listen to the Turtle Rap and sing each verse AFTER you hear the leader sing.

    This song is in the style of a military running "cadence" (rap).

    Find a partner and take turns with one person being the leader and the others being the "echo." Try your own performance.

    After, try making up your own rap (in this style) about Frogs, Tadpoles, Lily Pads or other "Pond Life."


    For K-1 grades

    Learn the song "Can You Tie Your Shoes!" and how to tie your own shoes!

    1. Look at the lyrics and read them to your Kindergarten, First, or Second Grader. Click here: Can You Tie Your Own Shoes Lyrics PDF

    2. Listen to the song. Use the lyrics above and teach your students the words (one step at a time) using repetition. Use the recording again each time your student learns a little bit more. Click here: Can You Tie Your Own Shoes MP3 Sound File

    3. Your student may begin to know the words from memory or by reading along with the lyrics. You can use this instruments only sound file to allow your student to really show their knowledge. They can just sing along with the parts they know - missing some words is a normal part of learning a new song! Click here: Can You Tie Your Own Shoes Instruments Only

    4. Print out this coloring book page and have your student color the picture and use this page to teach the steps of tying your shoes. Click here:         Tie Your Shoes Coloring Picture and Steps


    Word and Music by Ann & David Ellsworth. Published by Plank Road Publications, copyright 2008. Thank you to Plank Road for allowing flexible use during this unscheduled school closure. 


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