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  • Counseling Center Update

    Posted:  Monday, August 2, 2021

    Deadlines to change classes are as follows:

    Last day to join a new class
    XY courses Semester 1 – 8/13/2021
    XY courses Semester 2 – 1/10/2022
    X-day courses – 8/19/2021
    Y-day courses - 8/20/2021

    Last day to drop a class with no trace on your transcript
    (only an option if a suitable alternative is available)
    XY courses Semester 1 – 8/20/2021
    XY courses Semester 2 – 1/18/2022
    X-day courses – 9/2/2021
    Y-day courses -  9/7/2021

    Last day to drop a class with a WP (withdrawn pass) or WF (withdrawn fail) on your transcript
    (only an option if a suitable alternative is available)
    XY courses Semester 1 – 8/27/2021
    XY courses Semester 2 – 1/25/2022
    X-day courses – 9/17/2021
    Y-day courses -  9/21/2021

    To make a schedule change request, please complete this form.

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  • Important EMT Student Info 2021-2022

    Posted: Tuesday, July 20, 2021

    This information was emailed to EMT students on July 8, 2021. Please read and take action so all EMT students are prepared at the start of class in August.

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  • 2021-2022 Student Parking Information

    Posted:  Saturday, July 10, 2021

    Please review the community letter that was sent out regarding student parking for the 2021-2022 school year.  Student parking permits will be distributed at Door #27 by the student parking lot on a first come, first-served basis.  Seniors only can receive their parking permit on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, from 10:30 AM-3:30 PMJuniors can receive their parking permit on Thursday, July 29, 2021, from 10:30 AM-3:30 PM.  The last day of distribution will be on Friday, July 30, 2021, from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM.  Freshmen are not allowed to drive to school.  For those that receive their license after the initial distribution dates, you can receive a parking permit in Room B201.


    Parking permits cost $75.00.  All dues and debts must be paid prior to receiving a parking permit.  Students must have a hard copy or paper copy license (no permits), car registration, and proof of insurance (not expired).  Parent/guardian signatures are required.


    You are required to fill out the Student Parking Google Form and parking permit application prior to the distribution dates.  You can also decorate your parking spot, upon approval.  Review the decorating guidelines and application.

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  • Summer 2021 Green Card Pick-up Info 

    Posted: Tuesday, June 8, 2021

    Students who need a Behind the Wheel greencard may pick one up between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm on Mondays from June 14th to July 26th. Please enter through main entrance by the flagpole. 
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  • Online School Payments (OSP) Update: 

    Posted:  Thursday, January 21, 2021

    Fees will no longer be charged for using Online School Payments services.

    Online School Payments logo

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  • SHS Face Masks for Sale Online

    Posted:  Monday, October 12, 2020

    Scroll down to find Stafford High School and other SCPS schools mask designs--only $7.00 each! Orders will be shipped directly to you.


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  • Guidelines for Releasing Students to Emergency Contacts

    Posted:  Friday, September 25, 2020

    According to our school division, no student can be released to an emergency contact unless:
    1. The parent has notified the school that they are coming to get them, either by phone or note;
    2. The school has tried to contact the parents/guardians due to an emergency (e.g. child is sick ) and the parent/guardian is unreachable, then the emergency contacts would be called.
    The emergency contact cannot simply show up at the school and pick up a student.
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  • Digital Archives Request

    Updated:  Thursday, August 27, 2020

    See yearbooks from the begining to 1974 on the Digital Archives page under "Our School." You can also find graduation and other special event videos from the most recent years.

    Contact Nichole Ashwood, Librarian, for access to the full yearbook archives from 1947 to 2014 at

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