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Welcome to the heart of efficiency and innovation—the Department of Procurement at Stafford County Public Schools. Our mission is to serve, support, and collaborate with our customers and each other so we can deliver innovative, timely, and accurate solutions that create value and streamline processes in support of the mission of Stafford County Public Schools. To ensure the integrity and efficiency of the procurement process in an environment that is fair to all qualified businesses.

We achieve our mission by dedication to excellence in customer service, providing avenues of access to businesses, processing orders in a timely manner, streamlining operations, pursuing cost savings, identifying new sources of supply, developing relationships with small, minority, and women-owned vendors, and complying with all laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We take pride in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of the procurement process while fostering an environment that is fair to all qualified businesses. Our commitment to excellence in customer service drives our dedication to providing access to businesses, processing orders efficiently, and identifying opportunities for cost savings and new supply sources.

At the core of our vision is to be a trusted partner that delivers outstanding customer service, fosters collaborative relationships, provides significant value, and is recognized as a procurement expert and leader within the K-12 and local government procurement community.

Our values—customer focus, professionalism, proactiveness, collaboration, and innovation—guide every action we take. Everything we do has client satisfaction at its core. We are experts in our fields and adhere to legal and ethical standards. We use this expertise to empower our clients to make the best business decisions for their operations. We add the greatest value by being involved as early as possible. We believe that engaging our clients as partners and bringing expert resources together creates value and provides solutions. We seek out new solutions and continuously improve our performance.

Join us on this journey of excellence and innovation in procurement at Stafford County Public Schools!

Contact Information

Jennifer Stieffenhofer
Director of Procurement & Risk Management
📞 (540) 658-6000