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Health, Driver, and Physical Education

Our Health and Physical Education Curriculum aims to empower individuals with critical thinking, decision-making skills, teamwork, cultural appreciation, and a lifelong understanding of physical activity and well-being. Emphasizing five core areas—skilled movement, movement principles, personal fitness, responsible behaviors, and an active lifestyle—the program shapes well-rounded students.

Meeting the diverse needs of our students, Kindergarten through 5th Grade receive 90 minutes of physical education bi-weekly. Grades 6 through 8 engage in annual health and physical education classes, while high school students complete two years of health and physical education to meet graduation requirements.

Our curriculum emphasizes meaningful physical activity, fostering a lifelong enthusiasm for staying active and maintaining personal fitness. Health education equips students with essential knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their well-being. Additionally, our tenth-grade health education incorporates classroom driver education, focusing on responsible driving attitudes and behaviors.

Moreover, our Behind the Wheel program offers a 14-hour optional course for students holding a Learner's Permit, emphasizing safe and competent driving skills. Elective physical education further encourages students to achieve and maintain optimal physical fitness through various activities.

We encourage parental involvement to reinforce healthy habits at home. By transforming family time into active moments, setting screen time limits, and promoting healthy meal habits, parents play a pivotal role in supporting a healthy lifestyle. Volunteering opportunities such as field days, health fairs, and supporting athletic boosters are also invaluable contributions to our program.