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Driver Education

At Stafford County Public Schools, we’re committed to providing comprehensive Driver Education instruction that fulfills all Virginia requirements necessary for obtaining a Virginia driver’s license.

Our Driver Education program is seamlessly integrated into the tenth-grade Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum, ensuring students receive both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. Across our five high schools, our dedicated Health, Physical Education, and licensed Driver Education teachers meticulously lead the classroom instruction component. Additionally, each school boasts certified Behind the Wheel (BTW) instructors who guide students through on-road Driver Education instruction.

Students undergo 36 hours of classroom instruction, coupled with successful completion of the classroom driver education portion within tenth-grade HPE. Upon completion of the classroom segment, students have the option to enroll in the behind-the-wheel program. Our school offers this invaluable course during regular physical education classes for a fee of $300.

For students participating in the school's free or reduced meals program, we encourage contacting your Building Coordinator for Driver Education for further assistance. Our goal is to ensure every student receives the vital knowledge and hands-on experience needed for safe and responsible driving.