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High School Program

Welcome to high school at Stafford Schools, where we aim to elevate the educational journey of every student, bridging the K-12 experience into the postsecondary realm. Our goal is to equip students not only with robust academic knowledge but also with the practical skills to apply their learning to real-world challenges, making a positive impact in both local and global communities.

At Stafford Schools, we prioritize creating an environment that nurtures social and emotional wellness, laying a solid foundation for students' transition into adulthood. Guided by Stafford Schools’ Framework for Student Learning and Stafford Profile of a Graduate, our focus remains on engaging students through high-quality, student-centered instruction. Our classrooms are dynamic spaces fostering critical thinking, effective communication, collaborative teamwork, and imaginative creativity, all while catering to each student's unique learning style and social-emotional needs.

No matter their post-secondary aspirations—be it entering the workforce, pursuing higher education, or joining the military—our dedicated Stafford Schools staff are committed to supporting students' goals, pathways, and ultimate success.

Glossary of Terms