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Visual & Performing Arts

Welcome to the Visual and Performing Arts Program at Stafford County Public Schools, where we focus on meeting students' diverse needs and fostering artistic expression.

Throughout history, the arts have been vital in conveying emotions, experiences, and opinions. They form the foundation of our human experience, aiding students in interpreting and expressing ideas in our technology-driven world. Our program is designed to nurture the whole child by stimulating imagination, enhancing reasoning skills, and fostering dexterity.

Instruction in the arts begins early, with elementary students (K-5) receiving weekly art and music classes. Gifted Focus students in Grade 4 benefit from an additional 45 minutes of instruction. Middle school (6-8) continues to build skills in art, with Focus program participants engaging in extended art activities. Students can choose from Band, Chorus, or Strings courses for a year-long commitment. High school (9-12) students explore five sequential art courses and Advanced Placement options. Music students delve into Band, Chorus, Strings, and Music Theory.

Our curriculum aims to develop creative problem-solving skills, facilitate self-expression, and instill both discipline and wonder through the arts. Beyond high school, we encourage students to explore collegiate-level arts and various career paths.

Parent involvement is integral to our program's success. Parents serve as invaluable advocates and supporters, volunteering their time, fundraising, and participating in events like 'Night of the Arts' and the Countywide Fine Arts Festival. Join us in cultivating a vibrant arts community where creativity flourishes.