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Capital Improvement Program

Stafford Schools prepares a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) each year to serve as a budget and planning tool for addressing facility needs over the next 10 years. The CIP responds to anticipated seat needs as presented in the Enrollment Accommodation Plan (EAP).  Repair, replacement, and rehabilitation ("3R") projects to maintain existing school facilities over the next 10 years are outlined in the 3R list.  

The CIP lays out the location, timing, and funding for new facilities and 3R projects with the goal of ensuring that all students have schools that enable and enhance their learning experience. Projects identified in the CIP are based on available funding, School Board priorities, educational policy standards, existing facility conditions and the need for schools to accommodate educational program requirements.

The CIP is updated and adopted annually prior to the annual budget process.  The School Board approved CIP is forwarded to the Board of Supervisors for funding consideration. With continued support from Stafford citizens, the School Board, and the Board of Supervisors, investment in new facilities and 3R projects on existing facilities will ensure effective learning spaces for all students. 

FY25 Capital Improvement Plan & 3R Infrastructure (adopted)

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Town Hall Presentation on the Capital Improvement Plan