• Congratulations to our new 5th grade 2018-2019 Safety Patrols.  You will be receiving your belt at Open house! I will be located in the gym.  I hope you all have a great summer and look forward to seeing you soon!


    If you are not a safety patrol but are interested, I will have a waiting list available outside of my office (located inside the gym).  This is for 5th graders only.  Keep in mind the waiting list is not a guarentee that you will become a safety patrol but if positions open, you may be selected.


    Selections were based on the following:

    • Teacher recommendations
    • Leadership qualities including, but not limited to: verbal-non threatening, influential, encouraging, responsible, orgainized, honest, and academically sound
    • Displays qualities and attributes of our Hampton Oaks House System: Relentless, Kindness, Integrity, and respect.
    • Upcoming 5th grader



     Mrs. P :)