• Tryouts dates: Tuesday, October 11, 2022

    General information for now:

    *All grade levels are eligible to try out.

    * Must be passing your classes.  

    * Usually, there are 3 days of try outs.  First cuts are made at the end of the second day, of try outs.  Final cuts are at the end of the 3rd day. 

    * A VHSL physical is required for all students trying out. All pages must be filled out.  You can visit www.vhsl.org to download or print the form. 

    * Physicals are good for ONE the school year.  A new physical is required each year. 

    * No experience is required. 

    *When try-outs do occur, be sure you come dressed to participate, including effective mask. No buffs allowed.  

    * Bring your own water as water fountains are closed.  We do have water filling stations now for easy refills. 

    What can you do now tips:  

    *Practice dribbling with your eyes up and keep control of the ball  

    *Practice lay-ups and jump shots, follow through toward the target.

    *Practice defensive drills.  Great defense wins games

    *Do cardio workouts to increase your stamina

    *Keep your grades in good standing!  School is the most important job you have right now.  

    *Good sportsmanship is a must!

    WORK HARD AND DREAM BIG! Email Coach Tharp with any questions or concerns.





    Coach Tharp


Phone: 5406586420


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Katie Tharp