• Wrestling Bulldogs


    Wrestling Tryouts January 19, 2021 - January 22, 2021.  Tryouts and Practices will run from 4pm to 6pm Monday thru Friday's.    

    Students who wish to try out for wrestling must have a VHSL physical in order to come on January 19. The physical must be AFTER May 1, 2020. According to the middle school athletic manual, students must be passing at least 5 subjects in order to participate in sports.

    We will be looking at grades for this current marking period as of Jan. 19. If you child is not passing classes now, there is still time between now and January 19 to get work done in order to pass.   Students must pass 5 out of 7 classes to qualify.

    We will be able to keep 15-18 wrestlers on the team this year.  

    **Important Information for Tuesday, January 19th 2021 and Tryouts**

    Students will need to have physicals turned in prior to 1/19/2021, or have physical in hand when they report for tryouts on Monday.  

    Students will need a mask for tryouts, (it cannot be a gator face mask,  it must be a mask)  

    Students will need at least 32 - 64oz of water for tryouts, practice.  (name on water bottle or jug)

    Students will need to be dressed for practice when they report to practice (locker rooms at limited to one person at a time)

    Students will need wrestling shoes and tennis shoes for tryouts/practice


    ****particpants will have there temperature taking prior to entering the building and will also have to fill out a questionnaire daily, prior to tryouts******

    If a participants temperature is too high,  they will be asked to leave for ten minutes and return for another test.   If it is still too high they will be asked to leave the campus.

    A questionnaire has been developed,  those questions will be asked daily of the participants.  If there are any negative answers recorded,  they the participant will be asked to leave the campus.  


    All wrestlers interested in trying out we need to report to side of the building (where they are providing meal to students entrance),  there will be a green cone out for that drop off point.  It will be right next to the loading dock.  


    Attire for Tryouts - participants must come to tryouts dressed to participate.   Participants will need a sweatshirt,  shorts,  socks, mask,  t-shirts, wrestling shoes (if you already have them),  tennis/running shoes and personal water bottle (name on it)



    There are four dual matches set for the end of January and into the beginning of February (two home and two away).  More information about those matches will appear later.    


    If you are interested please email Coach Alton at altonjd@staffordschools.net,  your full name, grade and estimated weight class.  ( An example would be -  Nathan Aloi - 6th grade - 86 pounds ).

    Spirit Gear will also be available this year,   more information to come on this years gear.   

    Any questions please email me at altonjd@staffordschools.net


    Coach Alton