Mission and Vision

  • Vision Statement


    Margaret Brent Elementary School is committed to beginning a lifelong learning process for each of our students as they become active participants in their learning and understanding.

    Mission Statement


    To inspire, motivate, support, challenge, and engage our students as we prepare them to be responsible critical thinkers, decision makers, productive citizens, and life-long learners.

    Beliefs: what do we believe? Our core beliefs?

    ·   We believe all students can learn.

    ·   We believe in the entire school community working together as a cohesive, accountable unit (parents, administration, teachers, and staff).

    ·   We believe in the power of self-worth and the “I can” mentality.

    ·   We believe that effective effort is the catalyst for student achievement.


    Values: what do we value at MBES?  

    ·   We value all students as individuals with varied learning styles.

    ·   We value peer collaboration, mentorship, and professionalism through continued education and reflection.

    ·   We value all colleagues for their uniqueness and contributions to our school environment.



    ·   We are committed to differentiated instruction so all students can learn to their fullest potential.

    ·   We are committed to developing 21st century learners by recognizing the evolution of learning styles.

    ·   We are committed to creating a safe learning environment where physical and emotional needs are met.


    School Improvement Plan