• Attendance Policy

    As required by state law, the school will try to contact the parents of students who are absent from school. This is done to verify the parent is aware of the absence. If your child is going to be absent, we would like you to report the absence on our school webpage or call between 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM. This courtesy will greatly reduce the number of calls we must make during the busy morning hours. When your child returns to school, they must bring a written excuse stating the date(s) and reason of the absence. A written excuse is required by law.

    Section 22.1-258 of the Code of Virginia states: "Whenever any pupil fails to report to school for three consecutive school days, or for a total of five scheduled school days per month or an aggregate of seven scheduled school days per school calendar quarter, whichever occurs sooner, and no indication has been received by school personnel that the pupil's parent or guardian is aware of the pupil's absence, and a reasonable effort to notify the parent or guardian has failed, the school principal or his designee shall notify the parent or guardian by letter that such parent or guardian is requested to advise the school in writing of the reason for the pupil's absence or to accompany the pupil upon his return to school to explain the reason for his absence. Upon the failure of the parent or guardian to so advice the school within three school days of the date of the noticed, the school principal or his designee shall notify the attendance officer or the superintendent who shall enforce the provisions of this policy."

    Children Who Are Tardy

    If you bring your child to school after 8:30AM, accompany your child into the office to sign them in and receive a tardy slip. The child will then be sent to class. Failure to report to the office when coming in late may result in in accurate attendance records for the child. This does not apply to children who arrive late because of a late bus.

    Regulation Regarding Correction of Attendance Records

    After the report cards for a marking period are issued, the parent/student has five school days in which to report any attendance errors for that marking period to the school attendance personnel. After the five day period, all attendance is considered correct for the marking period. Attendance errors not reported within five days or after five days from issuance of report cards will not be corrected, and will remain on the student's permanent record.