• Stafford Middle engages in School Improvement Planning each summer in preparation for the upcoming school year. This year, over 25 staff members engaged in the SIP process to make sure that the students at Stafford Middle are inspired and empowered to excel. This year, SMS will focus on the follow portions of the SCPS Strategic Plan's Goal 1: Student Achievement:


    SCPS Strategic Plan Priority 1.1   Define, develop, implement, and measure effective teaching practices that maximize rigor and engagement for all students in support of C5W

    SCPS Strategic Plan Measure 1.1  Students will experience success through engaging and challenging curriculum, and innovative instructional strategies inclusive of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, citizenship, and wellness.


    SCPS Strategic Plan Priority 1.3   Close gaps in student achievement.

    SCPS Strategic Plan Measure 1.3   Achievement gaps will be closed for all reporting categories utilizing data-driven instructional strategies and practices.


    Stafford Middle teachers and staff will be focusing on Student Engagement and Cross Curricular Writing. Our School Improvement Plan is a fluid, working document. Follow this link for the most recent update