Welcome to the Hawks Nest

  • Hampton Oaks Hawk Mascot Welcome to Hampton Oaks Elementary School's website. We offer students a thorough educational experience through a comprehensive curriculum based on the Virginia Standards of Learning. Teachers meet weekly in Professional Learning Community teams to analyze data and student work. Teams plan instruction based on the following questions: 1) What is it we expect students to know? 2) How will we know when they have learned it? 3) What do we do if they do not learn it? and 4) What do we do if they need enrichment?

    This year, teachers are working to integrate curriculum areas during instructional blocks of time. Research shows that when students can make meaningful connections between core content areas they can learn and retain information. By integrating subject matter, students will begin to make connections between math, science, reading, writing and social studies.

    At Hampton Oaks, we are fortunate to have Resource teachers who work closely with classroom teachers to support core curriculum through areas such as music, art, physical education, library, guidance, technology, special education and focus. The ESOL team is dedicated to assisting students and teachers by supporting them through both co-teaching models and some pull out instruction.

    We have tremendous support of parents through a very active PTO and volunteer opportunities. Students at Hampton Oaks enjoy many opportunities to participate in enrichment activities including Singing Hawks, Patrols, Student Council Association and our WHOE daily news broadcast.

    Please enjoy your visit to our website. This year, we are dedicating ourselves to the motto, "I'm Responsible!" If every stakeholder in the community lives by this motto, we truly believe that every student will be successful!

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