• Welcome 5th Grade Gumshoes!  This will be an exciting year of investigation and demonstration through projects.  You will not only learn how to be a detective, but will apply those skills on a daily basis to broaden your knowledge.

    In Math we will discover how to perform all the basic operations on large numbers and will have time every day to practice them with unique learning experiences.  You will also explore the areas of fractions and decimals and learn how to convert them from one to another until you realize they are just two different ways to write the same number!  Towards the end of the year we investigate geometry, data analysis, and probability.  With your newly acquired detective skills, problem solving will be a piece of cake!

    In Reading we will explore many genres of literature and you will be invited to win prizes as you progress through our 40 book challenge!  You will discover the skills that great readers possess as you read some of the best books ever written.

    The year starts off with scientific investigations where you will experience first hand how scientists explore and do some experiments of your own!  Throughout the year we will explore chemistry, physics, geology, oceanography, biology, and botony.   

    In Social Studies this year you will explore United States History through the Civil War.  Discover what makes America so great and investigate important documents that gave rise to democracy throughout the world.  We may even have a field trip to one of the founding father's estates.  Are you ready gumshoes?