•                                                                               Welcome Aboard!!

             Hello!  My name is Mrs. Kumalae and I am very excited to be teaching at Margaret Brent Elementary!  I can't wait to be your teacher and have an amazing year filled with fun and learning!

             We are going to learn so much this year!  We will learn all about our state of Virginia and our nation's history in social studies. We will be exploring new books as a class, reading in small groups and sharing books we have read on our own and even adding powerful books we have read to our student led 'Suggested Reading' nook.  Our science unit will be filled with exploring space, magnets, ecosystems, electricity and force/motion.  Our team has planned a lot of exciting activities for these units that we can't wait to share with you! 

           Along with learning all of these amazing things, we will be transitioning into inpedendent learners.  You will be using everything you have learned from K-3 to develop your critical thinking skills.  In our classroom, we will work together to achieve all of our goals.  We are always going to strive to do our best and support one another!  I can't wait to see all of the amazing things you will share with me this year!

           I can't wait to meet you!


    Mrs. Kumalae

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