Welcome Families!


    And we're off! We spent our first week together getting to know one another through various sharing and ice breaker activities. Then we practiced growing our brains learning what it takes to have a growth mindset. We will continue to talk about growth mindset strategies where mistakes are encouraged, rather than feared, and where we persevere through our difficulties to find meaning and make sense of new information.

    During our second week together we broke the surface of each unit of study and began to get to business with our curriculum.

    In math we are working on improving our number sense through place value, comparing and ordering numbers, and rounding. Rounding seems to be the most difficult for students, so you'll want to review this with your child at home. 

    In reading we are discussing the 5 main elements of narrative fiction: characters, setting, plot, conflict, and theme. Students will identify each of these elements throughout the year and discuss how they affect one another and change throughout a text. Students will also use these elements to summarize their reading. 

    In Science we have completed two activities to walk our way through the scientific method. First, we hypothesized how many water droplets we could fit on the surface of a penny. Boy, were we surprised by our results! Then we saved Sam using similar practices of questioning, hypothesizing, practicing predictable methods, and recording results. We also began our inquiry into Earth systems and cycles by discussing the rotation and revolution of the Earth.

    In Virginia Studies we have discussed what maps are for and various kinds of maps. We now know where VA is located, its neighbors, and the four major rivers within its borders. We will continue to explore each of the 5 regions in more detail through the coming weeks. 

    Back to School Night is coming up: Sept. 26th! I would love to see parents there at either of the two identical sessions: 6:00 - 6:30pm or 6:40 - 7:10pm. Please be respectful of other families and plan to arrive on time for either session so you don't miss any information. Children are discouraged from attending this event in order to succinctly discuss classroom procedures. 

    Field Day will be Oct. 5th. We need many parent volunteers for this event to run smoothly and all volunteers must be fingerprinted by the County. Fingerprint processing usually takes 2-3 weeks and lasts for one year from the date they are processed. If you would like to help out during this fun event, and your fingerprinting was done more than 12 months ago, please contact me for a fingerprinting form as soon as possible so you can begin the screening process. 





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