• Miss Wescoat's Shining Stars

    Welcome, fourth grade Shining Stars!  I'm so excited to spend this year with you!  We will work together to create a learning environment where we can be free to take learning risks.  We will make our classroom a place where mistakes are okay, as they are a great springboard for learning!  We will listen to each other's thoughts and ideas, and we will ask each other meaningful questions to help take our learning to the next level.  Come to our class ready to work hard and discover new things!

    Helpful Hints for Back-to-School:
    -Sharpening pencils ahead of time helps so much!  Lines to the pencil sharpener get reeeaaaallllly long in the first few days of school!

    -Starting earlier bedtimes a week or two before school (or at least a few days) helps kids already be adjusted to their sleep routine when they start school.

    -Kids are welcome to pack themselves a snack!  We have a daily snack time.  :)

    -Water bottles are welcome. Ones with smaller openings help minimize spills.

    -Small headphones or earbuds fit best; the bigger ones take up a lot of space in their desks.

    -Old (but clean) shirts that are a little too big make great art shirts!