• This year I have the pleasure of working with students in 4th grade in all areas of academics! I work with students who are both identified as having specific academic and processing challenges, as well as those that are in need of some extra assistance.  A good portion of the day students will see me teaching along side their classroom teacher.  At other times of the day, we go to my classroom to work in a smaller group.  Either way, I promise to make it my mission to support them both academically AND emotionally. I do this by also modeling what good goal setting looks like.  This summer I spent some time reflecting and refocusing on what I stand for.  Below are ideas that I have committed to as a professional. 



    ⇨ Help foster in children the feeling of self-worth and hope.  This happens when true relationships are made.

    ⇨ Help foster curiosity and a love for learning. Every child has this capacity.

    ⇨ Every day, regardless of what is going on in my life, treat children with respect and patience.  They look to me as a model. If I’m stressed or frustrated, they will take this on too. They may retreat, self-doubt, or exhibit coping behaviors. Instead, I will instill in them that with mistakes comes progress. We will learn the importance of understanding our brains and how to always approach life with G.R.I.T.

    ⇨ Listen and work with parents.  By listening we all learn.  Offer educational resources on disabilities, when needed.  Be compassionate, honest, and open with regard to their child’s strengths

         and weaknesses.  

    ⇨ Treat my colleagues with professional respect. Seek to understand when we differ in approach.

    ⇨ Participate in professional conversations even when these are difficult conversations. Accept only respect in return.