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          Welcome  to Conway!  Hope you enjoyed our condensed summer and read some great books!  We saw lots of you at summer library, which was fun!  Students in grades 2-5 will checkout the first week of school.  First graders will checkout the second week, and Kindergarten will checkout by the end of August.  Here's how checkout works:

    K:  gets one book ata time (end of August)

    1st:  gets 2 books, one must be from the Everybody (picture books) section

    2nd:  gets 2 books

    3rd:  gets 3 books

    4th:  gets 4 books

    5th:  gets 5 books

    Library books are due on the day students come to library; your child's teacher can tell you what day that is (Days 1-6).  Also, you can look on the Library webpage under "Schedules."    If a student forgets a book, they can always come by the next day.  For first-fifth, if a students is overdue less than a month, they can still get one.  Once students are overdue a month, checkout stops until they find or pay for the book.  The expectation is that students take care of library books and return them in the condition they were when checked out.  We spend time talking about how to take care of books in the first few weeks back to school.  Please help your child by having them keep library books in their backpack, then they won't be overdue and books will be protected!  Students can come to the library any morning to checkout AFTER they have checked in with their teacher.

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