• Welcome to the Art Room

    The arts celebrate multiple PERSPECTIVES. One of their large lessons is that there are many

    ways to SEE and INTERPRET the world.

    Elliot Eisner  

    Welcome to the art room. Students visit the art room every 5 days where they discover and develop their individual creative skills.   

    The visual arts curriculum is designed to enhance the following areas:


    • Creativity and problem solving
    • Design concepts
    • Media and process
    • Critical analysis
    • Art history and cultural connections
    • Cross curriculum connections with core subject areas



    When artists come to the art room our class time is divided into two parts:

    •  Art Learning Time - Students learn about artwork, artists and cultures through Powerpoint presentations, reading books, looking at works of art, discussions and games.
    • Art Making Time - Artists get to apply what they have learned to a piece of their own work.