• Welcome to Third Grade!

         I am so excited to start school this year.  You are going to have a wonderful year learning lots of new things.  I have been working with the other teachers planning lots of activities.  We will work hard to get comfortable with technology, and how we will do things this year.  This is different, but we will get better at this each day.  Since you will be working virtually with me I want you to know that I am learning new things everyday.  For now I will work virtually from school so that I can reach out to the other teachers in the Third Grade.  To start we will focus on Citizenship, Responsibility, and Accountability.  Citizenship covers what you need to do.  Responsibility has to do wtih how to act, how to interact, and to complete your tasks.  Accountability has to do with meeting deadlines, and working together to do your best.

         If you struggle with anything I want you to feel comfortable to let me know.  Try to do your best, but if you need help I will be here for you. We have prepared lots of reading and writing activities that you will be able to work on throughout the week.  We will do a readaloud and respond to literature.  Math will be practice that will relate to things that you are familiar with to start.  Once we move on to new material we will do some entrance and exit tickets so that I can check for mastery. 

         Let's make this a wonderful year!